The Lost Art of GatheringThe Lost Art of Gathering

The Lost Art of Gathering

We believe the most cherished moments happen when friends and family get together.

In the busy lives that so many people lead, it’s easy to lose sight of the opportunities to connect. At Blake’s we’re committed to a simple idea: Sharing great food and lively conversation shouldn’t require reservations, and shouldn’t be reserved for holidays.

Every family has its own traditions and rituals, its own ways of gathering. Sometimes the gathering has layers of meaning. We know friends who gather mushrooms for their soups and stir-fries, and friends who gather driftwood for clambakes on the beach. And there’s something wonderful about gatherings in warm, boisterous kitchens, where friends or relatives all pitch in and preparing the food is as nourishing as eating it. But sharing regular, everyday meals, a simple art that sometimes seems lost to an earlier time, can be just as special, and just as nourishing.

Our hope at Blake’s is to encourage more of that in your own family. Trust the cooking to us, and give yourself a little room to relax.